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artist management  |  artist & market development
album & career strategy  |  project management
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selected artists and organisations we work with (or have worked with)

Rachel Baiman (management & strategy over two albums and touring)
Georgia Ruth (album campaign and development strategy)
Annie Dressner (management & new album campaign)
Tara MacLean (UK development & strategy)

Rose Cousins (UK development & strategy)

Son of Town Hall (development & strategy)

The Magpies (development and strategy)

Tapestri (development & strategy)

Della Mae (UK development & strategy)

Nels Andrews (UK development & strategy)

Rebecca Loebe (UK development & strategy)
Dietrich Strause (UK development & strategy)


The Lost Words: Spell Songs (new music commission, project manager)
Music PEI (mentoring multiple artists, new music commissions, UK touring)

British Underground (Folk Alliance UK room, 2013 – date)
ANIM (industry mentoring)

British Council (new music commissions in India and Canada)

The Elizabethan Session (new music commission, project manager)

Shake the Chains (new music commission, project manager)

Sweet Liberties (new music commission with UK Parliament, project manager)
War & Peace (new music commission with Doncaster Museums, project manager)

The Cecil Sharp Project (new music commission, project manager)

The Darwin Song Project (new music commission, project manager)
Cecil Sharp House (in-house programmer 2012 - 2018)
EFDSS Artists' Development Manager (2012 - 2018)

The Hive, Shrewsbury (folk programmer for 7 years, ongoing)


plus many short term mentoring / coaching sessions with both artists and industry.
you can learn more about the new music commissions here

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