Market Development UK & International

Over the past decade I have worked on many projects that have either involved international artists, have taken place outside of the UK, or a combination of both.
These include UK and international market development, showcasing and the creation of new work.

Creative Artistic Exchanges & Tours
Working with a range of key partners, including Folk Music Canada and Music PEI, I have organised, managed and delivered a range of artistic exchanges and tours.


They take the format of a UK artist heading out to work in the foreign territory to take part in a short creative residential with a local artist.

The pair then take on a short run of dates with both performing solo sets, but with collaborative performances scattered through the concert. Where possible we try to put the timings together to tie in with official industry showcases and work with key partners.


The project is then brought to the UK where we arrange similar timetables of shows and showcases. 


Artists involved in these exchanges have included
Luke Jackson & Julie Aubé

Bella Hardy & Cara Luft
Hannah Sanders, Ben Savage & Oh Susanna
Sam Carter & Catherine McLellan

Jake Morley & Dylan Menzies

Dan Walsh & Meaghan Blanchard

Maz O'Connor & Ashley Condon

John Smith & Dennis Elsworth

Hannah Sanders, Ben Savage & Oh Susanna

Folk North, Toronto, Dec 2016







Across the Pond

UK / Canada Collaboration 2020/21

Working in partnership with
Music Runs Through it
Music NB
and the Province of New Brunswick

We have paired UK artist Luke Jackson, with Canadian artist Julie Aubé for a run of double bill shows in New Brunswick and the UK in 2020/21.
The aim is for both artists to support each other in developing new touring markets.


More information and ticket links here



Martin Simpson & Dom Flemons

UK / US Collaboration

In conjunction with WOMAD, we worked on a simple artistic collaboration that has resulted in two UK tours, major festival appearances, and the release of an album.

We brought Martin & Dom together in July 2014 in London for a period of research into the links between English and American music, and to prepare and rehearse a concert.

The resulting show then performed a WOMAD and a handful of concert shows across the UK.

The collaboration came together for more shows in 2015, a festival performance in 2016, and the release of their album.


Folk Alliance
Major International Showcase Event
UK Horizons Room 2013 - present


From 2013 UK artists have had a dedicated room at the annual International Folk Alliance conference that offers all the UK artists a home room to perform in.  I am proud to always programme a few North American friends into the room too.

Working in partnership with British Underground and various UK agencies, I programme around 40 showcases over 4 days in the UK room, and work with other international partners to source other showcase opportunities across the event.

Artists who have performed in the UK room include John Smith, Cara Dillon, Sam Lee, Gretchen Peters, Josienne Clarke & Ben Walker, The Young 'Uns, Dom Flemons, The Small Glories, Leveret, Lady Maisery and more

Sound Journeys

UK / Canada Collaboration, 2017

Working in partnership with British Council, British Underground and Harbourfront Centre.

From the Rocky Mountains of British Columbia to the Atlantic Ocean of the East Coast, 6 artists – 3 from the UK and 3 from Canada – embark on 3 train residencies to explore the contemporary cultural landscape of Canada through the discovery of sounds revealed along the way.

Each residency featured a visual artist who captured the journeys through photo and video documentation.


Our Home on Native Land
Sarathy Korwar & David Molin, Vancouver - Toronto

Shield to Shore

Luke Jackson & Flavia Nascimento, Halifax - Toronto
Northern Passages

Jess Morgan & Nick Sherman, Winnipeg - Toronto


More details British Council Canada

Conferences / panels / mentoring
Over the past 10 years I have been a regular attendee of international conferences and participant of many panels, discussions or mentoring schemes at the following events

Folk Alliance    |    WOMEX  
ECMA   |    Showcase PEI  |  Festival 506
OCFF   |    Folk North   |    Folk Music Ontario
Showcase Norway   |   Folk Spot Denmark

Americana Music Association (Nashville and UK events)

Folk Nations
Partnership with British Council, 2013


I travelled with and project managed the Kolkata element of Folk Nations. Initially a 10 artist commission, but it developed into a 6 artist show that performed a major UK festivals

Full details and videos on project page